What is Euler?

     Founded in 1985, Euler Solutions and the Euler Training Center provide premier instructor-led IT training. A carefully balanced blend of lecture and hands-on lab exercises led by experienced, approachable instructors makes training productive and enjoyable. Euler instructors encourage discussion of real world IT problems and offer practical solutions throughout training sessions, along with ongoing support outside the classroom as needed. As technology and business environments have evolved, so has Euler Solutions.

     Training is conducted in the spacious, comfortable classrooms at our Headquarters facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota and on-site at client locations worldwide.

     Customizable courses, virtual training, on-demand training, and computer lab rentals offer additional options for training.

     We provide computer classrooms and meeting rooms fully equipped with computers and projectors for rent. Our classrooms are available in several configurations perfect for meetings, seminars and training events. Our classrooms and meeting rooms are located in St. Louis Park, 5 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, MN.


Where did the name come from?

     We take our name from the 18th century Swiss thinker, Leonhard Euler (pronounced oil’er), one of the world’s most prolific mathematicians. Euler’s equations profoundly influenced mathematics, engineering, and ultimately, information processing. Euler has never been surpassed in the skillful and imaginative use of computational devices for solving problems. The name embodies our mission, to provide superior solutions to our clients. Our name may be uncommon, but so is the value we bring to your organization.

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