Oracle Advanced SQL

      This hands-on course provides the experienced Oracle developer with the advanced SQL skills necessary to design and code complex queries. Students will learn to provide OLAP functionality, by incorporating analytic functions, group by clause enhancements, and model clause.

Topics Covered

  • DECODE function and CASE expression
  • Pivoting tables and matrix reports
  • Subquery review:
    • Single row subqueries
    • Multiple row subqueries
    • Multiple column subqueries
    • Correlated subqueries
    • EXISTS and NOT EXISTS operators
    • Subqueries in the SELECT, FROM and ORDER BY clauses
  • Top-N or Bottom-N queries (Ranking)
  • OLAP enhancements to the GROUP BY clause
  • Analytic functions
  • JOIN review
  • ANSI standard JOIN syntax
  • CONNECT BY clause to retrieve hierarchical information
  • Model Clause
  • SET operator review
  • Oracle datetime datatypes
  • Other Oracle new features
    • Flashback queries
    • External tables & Temorary Tables
    • Merge statement


     Oracle application developers


     Oracle SQL Fundamentals or equivalent experience


     Students will expand their knowledge of basic Oracle SQL and be able to design and code complex queries. Students will learn to incorporate many advanced techniques such as the data warehouse functions CUBE and ROLLUP, DECODE, ANSI-compliant inner and outer joins, CONNECT BY (hierarchical queries), SET operations, correlated subqueries and other advanced subquery techniques. Oracle features such as flashback query, external tables and MERGE will also be covered.

Furnished Materials:

  • PC Workstation for use during training
  • Student Manual

Recommended Follow-On Course


  • 3 Days


  • $1,485

Training Dates:

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