Apache Web Server Administration - Basic - 3 Days

     This course is designed to implement an Apache-2 web server. The course covers the installation and configuration of Apache-2 as a secure corporate web server capable of virtual hosting and linking to Java, Perl, PHP and CGI modules. The linking of Apache to a farm of Tomcat servers is presented. The student will understand how modules are used dynamically, to provide a customized server, reflecting their corporation's needs.

Topics Covered

  • What Apache-2 provides
    • Platforms
    • Capabilities
  • Installation
    • Methods of installation
    • Download sites
    • Files/programs - locations and functionality
    • The Web Tree
  • Configuration
    • Syntax and layout of the configuration file
    • Scope and Block Directives
    • A quick startup
    • Settings that define locations
    • Settings you should adjust
  • Virtual hosting
    • Binding IPs
    • Hosts by name
    • Hosts by IP
  • Content Negotiation
  • SSI
  • Security
    • Firewalls
    • Authentication
    • Secure Data Transmittal with HTTPS
    • Certificates
  • Performance Measurement and Tuning
  • Interfacing with Tomcat and Java
  • Modules
    • Base
    • Mod_perl
    • Mod_php
    • Mod_cgi
    • Mod_proxy
    • Mod_jk
    • Mod_proxy_ajp
  • Monitoring your system
    • Error logs
    • Access logs
    • Crontab
    • Webalizer
  • Troubleshooting
    • Telnet
    • Web Browser
    • Error messages
    • Permissions/Ownership
    • Log files


     This course is designed for administrators who want to implement the Apache-2 Web Server with mainstream corporate functions such as a secure web server, Extranet and Intranet capabilities, virtual hosting, and modules that interface with Perl, Java, PHP, CGI for dynamic web pages, and need to access a farm of Tomcat servers which are generating dynamic pages.



     Upon completion of this course the administrator will be able to install, monitor, and maintain a secure corporate web server capable of hosting dynamic web pages for multiple virtual hosts.

Furnished Materials:

  • Student Manual
  • Apache - The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly)

Recommended Follow-On Course

  • Perl Programming
  • CGI Programming/Perl


  • 3 Days


  • $1,485

Training Dates:

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