SAMBA Administration

     This course teaches how to administer a SAMBA-3 environment. SAMBA-3 provides file and print services to Microsoft Window clients using the SMB/CIFS protocols. This course will give the student hands on experience implementing, configuring, and troubleshooting a SAMBA server. After a quick system setup, the student will learn numerous troubleshooting techniques and tools. Then implement print services and set up SAMBA as a Primary Domain Controller. The Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) will also be utilized for easy administration.

Topics Covered

  • Why would I want to use SAMBA?
    • Windows/Unix Integration
    • Windows/Unix Shared Security
    • Printer and Network Resource Sharing
    • Centralized Backups
    • Migration Strategies
  • Implementing SAMBA for File Sharing
    • Location of System Files
    • Organization of the "smb.conf" File
    • Protocols and Ports Utilized
    • Starting SAMBA Services
  • Troubleshooting your implementation
    • Testparm
    • Smbclient
    • Smbstatus
    • Nmblookup
    • Tail
    • Ethereal
    • Net
    • Google
  • The security options
    • Security Model
    • ACLs
    • Interfaces
    • Valid Users
    • IPC$
    • Tcpwrappers
    • Iptables
  • Setting up print services
    • BSD printers
    • CUPS printers
  • Implementing a Domain Controller
  • Using SWAT
    • Configuring xinetd for SWAT
    • Accessing through your Web Browser
    • SWAT Walk Through


     This course is designed for administrators responsible for integrating their Unix servers with a Microsoft Environment and providing seamless interoperability.



     Upon completion of this course the student will be able to implement, configure, troubleshoot, and administer a SAMBA file and print server. They will also be able to configure SAMBA as a Primary Domain Controller and use SWAT as an administration tool. The student will be well grounded in the primary uses of SAMBA and ready to address advanced applications.

Furnished Materials:

  • PC Workstation for use during training
  • Student Manual
  • The Official SAMBA-3 HOWTO & Reference Guide
    (Bruce Perens Open Source)

Recommended Follow-On Course

  • Intermediate Unix & Shell Programming


  • 1 Day


  • $495

Training Dates:

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